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The Current: Lindsay Lohan and her Father to Spend Time in Jail

As a native New Yorker and an avid fan of “The Parent Trap,” I was a supporter of Lindsay Lohan from a young age. Merely six years older than myself, the actress became the older sister I never had. As Lohan grew up, I watched her perform in very entertaining PG and PG-13 movies. While none of these were Oscar-winning films, they certainly captured my interests as a pre-teen and teenager. From “Life Size” and “Get a Clue” when I was in elementary school, to “Freaky Friday” and “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” in middle school, and finally “Mean Girls” as a high school favorite, Lohan’s characters chronicled my youth.

Just a year after “Mean Girls,” however, the actress’ downward spiral began. Lohan’s engagement in many public mishaps creates too long a list that cannot be expanded upon in my short article. Overall, though, her success turned sour when alcohol and drug use resulted in profitless movies, rehabilitation for addiction and anorexia, five arrests, and consequential stints in jail. After much turmoil, the actress still has not gotten her life in order.

Lohan will be returning to jail for probation violation. This sentence cannot be served under house arrest and, if she breaks her probation again, will return to jail for 270 days. However, it has been estimated that Lohan may actually only spend six out of thirty days in a jail cell. Her first day in prison has already been postponed due to a scheduled photo shoot with Playboy. Clearly, the choice of future project is not pushing the actress in a dignified direction.

Lohans’ issues don’t stem too far the family tree. Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, has had his fair share of trouble with the law. Throughout her childhood, he was arrested for insider trading, violating probation, and attempted assault as well as drunk driving. After such turmoil, his wife Dina divorced him. Stints on reality shows and continued addiction brought him to a toxic relationship with Kate Major. The romance ended after he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Yet, twelve hours after his release, he landed back in custody for contacting Major, which the judge ordered him against doing.

Unfortunately, both Lohans will be returning to jail shortly. This troubled family has continually cited their environment as the root problem. From the wrath of fame and the harmful stress of Hollywood for Lindsay to the fast life on Wall Street that led Michael to cocaine usage, it appears difficult for the Lohans to succeed
under pressure. While sobriety and a change in location seem like the obvious answers, it is regrettable that this family proves too enamored with the spotlight to lay low and make positive changes towards their futures.

Note: Lindsay Lohan served a mere 4.5 hours in jail last night.

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