The Current: Is Justin Bieber in a Downward Spiral or Desperately Trying to Stay Relevant?


Justin Bieber has been in the spotlight ever since his first #1 single on the charts.  This constant fame, in my opinion, comes with consequence.  Bieber’s lack of privacy may have got the best of him.


The news of his break up with Selena Gomez has been followed by reports of erratic behavior.  His time touring, particularly in London, has produced some strange actions.  From walking around in a gas mask to walking around shirtless, Bieber has claimed he is trying to deter the paparazzi through his conduct.


Yet Bieber has also been partaking in reckless illegal activity.  His anger regarding his recent birthday party, which was shut down after his underage friends were inside the club where it was held, appears foolish in the public eye.  The multiple reports of him smoking marijuana have more than concerning, especially regarding his usually young fan base.


While many fear for his safety and well-being, I personally believe that Bieber is pulling a publicity stunt.  With reports of Bieber’s concerts not selling as many tickets as usual, it is possible that he is desperate for the attention he used to receive.  Perhaps in attempts to hold onto the young fandom he gained at a young age, he is trying to scare the public into following his every move.


Such incidents, however, make Bieber less and less relatable to the average teenager.  He has recently been compared to the likes of Lindsay Lohan, which resulted in Bieber’s attack of her via Twitter.  Such behavior further alienates his original fans.  The best advice one could give the young star is to take a vacation—a break from the spotlight—and return to stardom with a fresh mindset.