The Current: Jennifer Lawrence Trips Into the Spotlight

The most prestigious award show of the season is undoubtedly the Academy Awards.  This year was the 85th anniversary of the Oscars and, for the occasion, the name has been changed to simply that.  This was done in efforts to reduce the show of any stuffiness and keep its content—and audience—modern. 

Perhaps the name change worked, for this year’s show was anything but stuffy.  Hosted by Seth MacFarlane—who cracked a few expected inappropriate jokes—the show was full of surprises.  The most surprising was Jennifer Lawrence’s win for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.  The film is a romantic comedy-drama and that is exactly what Lawrence’s assent to the stage was like.

Clad in a beautiful and billowing Dior gown, Lawrence tripped up the stairs and remained fallen with her hand on her face for a stretch of time.  She appeared princess-like on the stairs and even had the handsome Hugh Jackman attempt to help her up.

Lawrence is currently the face of Dior’s latest ad campaign and so her tumble became an Internet sensation.  The actress was later quoted that the largess of her gown caused her to fall.  Thus, a fake advertisement was born—pictured here.  Lawrence remains one of the biggest up-and-coming celebrities right now and her blunder at the Oscars has actually garnered her more positive attention than fathomed.  I look forward to her next move!