The Current: Beyoncé’s Performance Temporarily Shuts Down the Super Bowl

Hello there, Her Campus readers!  Did you miss me?  Thought so…  Anyway, I’m back to report the latest celebrity happenings around New Orleans and beyond.  And what better way to start off this semester than with Super Gras.  “Super Gras” is the combined celebration of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans and Mardi Gras, which luckily landed around the same time this year.

This past Super Bowl was the tenth held in the Big Easy.  Clearly, New Orleans as a city is no stranger to football and celebrity.  The week and weekend leading up to the Sunday night game was full of events—from ESPN to men’s magazines, every major company seemed to throw parties around the city.  And such events were star-studded—from the likes of famous athletes like Michael Phelps to private performances by singers such as Justin Timberlake.  Tulane University also had its fair share of the celebrity crowd, as even Sofia Vergara was seen strolling through campus.

The biggest celebrity of all, however, was the Super Bowl’s Halftime Show performer—none other than Beyoncé.  Lucky enough to attend the event itself, I watched Jennifer Hudson sing “America the Beautiful” with the Sandy Hook Elementary School choir and Alicia Keys perform the national anthem on the piano.  Following the end of the first half, Beyoncé performed many of her classics in her fast-paced Halftime Show.  For a surprise twist, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland emerged on stage—the first Destiny’s Child reunion since their official breakup in 2005.

Following the grand performance was yet another touchdown by the Baltimore Ravens and then a partial blackout.  Inside the stadium was just as confusing as it was for those viewing the event on television.  After half an hour, the Superdome was back in action—leaving fans everywhere curious.  While the exact cause still has not been released, reports have been made that this electrical error will not deter the NFL from holding the Super Bowl in New Orleans for years to come.  Beyoncé fans can rest assured that her powerful performance knocked even the stadium out of whack!