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A Comprehensive Timeline of All Clues About Taylor Swift’s New Music

After Taylor Swift’s reputation Stadium Tour came to a close in November, fans have been thirsty for new music. On Saturday, Swift announced a new single coming April 26 via a countdown on social media! However, leading up to the announcement, many fans have correctly theorized details about the release. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the clues fans caught about the new era!


1. October 9, 2019 - American Music Awards

When Swift accepted her award for Best Tour, she mentioned that she was “even more excited for the next chapter.” This was the first time Swift directly teased a new era of music. Her statement about the “next chapter” references her song “The Story of Us,” which is 4 minutes and 26 seconds long. This relates to the new single’s release date of 4/26. “The Story of Us” is also the seventh track on Swift’s 2010 record, in reference to the upcoming seventh album.


2. October 21, 2018 - Scrabble Instagram Post

Swift posted a selfie of herself playing Scrabble, with caption “Let the games BEGIN.” While this lyric is a nod to her song “...Ready for It?,” the caption also hints at the exciting start of a new era. The game of Scrabble is in reference to National Scrabble Day, which was April 13. Swift announced her countdown to a new single on April 13 at midnight!


3. October 22, 2018 - Tree Instagram Post

Just one day after posting the Scrabble picture, Swift posted another photograph of herself standing on a fallen tree. This references Arbor Day, which will take place on April 26. April 26 is the release date for her new single!


4. January 1, 2019 - Swift’s Team’s Twitter

To ring in the new year, Swift’s social media team tweeted 115 rainbow emojis. This is because there are 115 days in between the post date (January 1) to the single’s release date (April 26)!


5. February 10, 2019 - New Instagram Theme

One thing that is surely characteristic of a new Taylor Swift era is a new Insta theme. Before the reputation era, Swift changed her theme to a dark, black aesthetic. This new post of herself attending the BAFTA Awards marks a contrasting Instagram theme of pastel colors, glitter, and rainbows!


6. February 24, 2019 - Palm Tree Instagram Post

Okay, there is a lot to unpack here! Swift posted a picture of a horizon dotted with palm trees. It is important to notice that there are seven palm trees in the picture, representing her upcoming seventh album. The caption also features seven palm tree emojis. Additionally, the palm trees in the photograph are clustered in groups of four (representing Swift’s four country albums), groups of two (representing Swift’s two pop albums), and one large palm tree in the center (representing Swift’s forthcoming album). The palm trees could refer to Arbor Day, which is the same day as the single’s release. The edit of the picture also consists of 61 stars in the sky. This is because there are 61 days in between the date of the post (February 24) and the date of the single release (April 26)!


7. March 6, 2019 - Elle Magazine

Swift graced the cover of Elle Magazine with an article written by herself, titled “30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30.” While her piece is likely filled with other unsolved clues for the next album, fans have taken particular notice to Lesson #26. In the 26th lesson, referencing the release date of April 26, Swift writes that she makes countdowns for things she is looking forward to. She announced the single through an Instagram countdown! Smooth.


8. Taylor Swift Official Calendar

Swift’s official merch calendar includes a wax seal on April 13, 2019. This is because the new music announcement dropped on April 13!

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