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Cat Struts its Stuff Down The Catwalk

There is this video of a cat walking down a cat walk and I can’t stop thinking about it.


With midterm elections coming up this Tuesday (don’t forget to vote) as well as midterm exams finishing up, I think it’s necessary to look at some good news for a change. After someone on my Facebook feed shared this video, my mood was instantly brightened (I was actually smiling in my 8am Physics class… something I had never done before) and I decided everyone else needs to see it to. It just provides a feeling of bliss that we truly need in a time like now.  



So here’s what happened. Turkish fashion designer Göksen Hakki Ali was showcasing her latest designs in the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul. Everything was going fine, until a cat decided he needed more attention and pranced out onto the catwalk with the models. The cat plopped down on the runway and started grooming itself. Not to be upstaged, it also strut its stuff down the walkway. It even tried to start a cat fight by scratching at the legs of the models in its way.



This cat is adorable and really brightened my mood. I highly recommend watching this video if you want to put a smile on your face. 


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