Capture Your Look with a Capsule Wardrobe

Happy Back to School Season!

Growing up, my favorite part of going back to school was selecting my wardrobe for the year. Though my tastes have changed from neon skirts and glittery tops (Hello, Limited Too!) to more of a muted color palette, I have discovered an easy, money-saving way of organizing my wardrobe for my small dorm closet.


A capsule wardrobe is a selection of classic, timeless pieces that can mix and match and will never go out of style. Think of a little black dress paired with simple gold jewelry and ballet flats. While you can have more outgoing pieces that only match with a certain pair of pants or shoes, having a basic set of wardrobe pieces that match together makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier.


Check out these five items necessary to every Autumn 2019 capsule wardrobe:

  1. 1. An Essential Trench Coat

  2. 2. A Minimalistic Gold Necklace

  3. 3. Classic Penny Loafers to Enhance Your Look

  4. 4. A Perfect Layered Top

  5. 5. The NOLA Essential: Rain Boots

The capsule wardrobe has been especially successful with those in the minimalist community. Look up “capsule wardrobe” on YouTube and you will find videos from self-proclaimed minimalists who herald the idea as the perfect way to choose fashionable pieces that are sustainable and chic. If you are not a minimalist, crafting the perfect capsule wardrobe to suit your fashion needs might sound daunting. Buying environmentally sustainable pieces are often expensive. But starting small with the pieces you have, then curating quality outfits that fit well, match with other pieces in your closet, and are not from fast fashion brands means that you will eventually be investing in creating your own unique fashion style while also saving the Earth. What’s not to lose by trying out this new fashion trend?