Campus Cutie: Rachel Weltman '18

Nicknames: Rach, Ray-Bear, Ratchel

Hometown: Rye Brook, NY

Major: Sociology and early childhood education

What are you involved with on campus?

Kappa Alpha Theta, Green Wave Ambassadors, College Buddies, TUCP, TJL, Newcomb Big Sister

What is a fun fact that few people know about you?

If I could transform into a food (which is the dream) I would be a hamburger because they’re full of love, juice, and happiness, like me!

What’s your favorite late-night snack?

Ramen and popcorn. Not together, but simultaneously.

French fries or potato chips?

French fries as long as they’re crispy on the outside and a little soft on the inside. REALLLLYYY hot. Sweet potato fries too. ILY CAMELIA

Rainbow or chocolate sprinkles?

Rainbow, always.

If you could go on a date in New Orleans with any celeb, what would you do and who would you go with?

Definitely McDreamy. (Patrick Dempsey for non- Grey’s Anatomy lovers). We would go to The Fly, have a nice glass of wine (Pinot Grigio, obvi) and a Polish kielbasa from Dat Dog. And we would talk and I would look at him. 

Describe a perfect day as a Tulane student.

Wake up at 9, and go to Reily to get my workout out of the way. Next, I would go to brunch at Satsuma with my suitemates ;) and eat a green breakfast sandwich on whole wheat toast, no cheese. Then I would do a little shopping on Maple St., especially at Gae-Tana’s. The afternoon would be finished by snuggles while watching She’s the Man, followed by dinner at Ba Chi Canteen. Pork-fecta vermicelli all the way.

What would you say is your spirit animal?

Mort, the mouse lemur from Madagascar.

What was your reaction when asked to be Campus Cutie?