Campus Cutie: Melissa Greenberg

Name: Melissa Greenberg

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizonz

Year: 2017

Major/Minor: Sociology major with a Music Cultures of the Gulf South

What are you involved in on campus?

I am PR Director and Member-at-Large for Tulane University Ladies A Cappella (TULA), I am a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta, I am student liaison for work study students in the For The Children tutoring program, I am in the Vagina Monologues, and I am the president/sole member of the District Donuts Appreciation Club. I also work as a peer counselor on a teen crisis hotline back home and try to advocate for mental health reform here on campus.

So you have had an exciting week, tell me about it: Okay... So I am a HUGE District fan. I literally had a dream on Monday night that they named a donut after me, so when I woke up, I tweeted about it. They replied and asked what kind of donut it would be... I love tequila, so naturally, I thought of a margarita donut. I tweeted back what it would be made of (tart lime filling, tequila glaze, salt, and an umbrella on top) and that it'd be called Sweet Melissa's Margarita (I was named for the Allman Brothers song "Sweet Melissa" so I thought it was fitting). I never heard from them so I just sort of forgot about it. Then on Friday morning I wake up... The first thing I do every morning, before I even get out of bed, is check their Instagram to see their donuts of the day. Sure enough, there was my donut and a shout out from them... I LOST IT. I literally started crying over donuts, I woke up my roommate (sorry, Caroline) and was on cloud 9 all day. It was the pinnacle of my college career thus far.

Guilty Pleasure: include trying to learn the dances to Beyoncé videos when my roommate isn't home, rewatching Scrubs or The Office for the millionth time (but I don't feel very guilty about that), eating the whole plate of nachos at Rum House all by myself

Spirit Animal: Pug "I'm tiny and I waddle and I snort when I laugh kind of like a pug (but it's endearing, I swear)

If you were a mardi gras parade which one would you be?

MUSES!!! Because: 1. Power to the V and 2. My shoe collection should grant me automatic membership


Movie: I just saw a great one called What We Do In the Shadows and I am not embarrassed to say I actually peed my pants a little and I also had an asthma attack mid-movie from laughing so hard

Artist/Band: Dawes, Fountains of Wayne, Guster (I've seen them 9 times), and Mike Viola

TV Show: Parenthood. Hands down.

Food: Food is another tie between snoballs (that's a food, right?), calypso beef tacos at Rum House, my mom's kugel, and wine (that's DEFINITELY a food)

Thing about Tulane: the fact that I have met people from all over the world... I think I'm a more understanding, more cultured person because of the people I've met here. Also, the food and music because where else can I be eating a crawfish dog with crawfish étouffée one minute and seeing awesome jazz literally five minutes later? Riddle me that one.