Campus Celebrity: Sunny Huang '16

Name: Sunny Huang

Year: Junior

Major: Finance and Economics

Hometown: Guangzhou, China


Why did you choose to come to Tulane?

The weather and city are so much different from where I grew up. Also everyone is so supportive and nice. It’s like I have a second family here, which is great since I don’t get to go home very often. I’ve learned so much already from being at Tulane and I love it more and more every day. There are so many opportunities here that you wouldn’t get at other schools; everyone should take advantage of them!

What are you involved with on campus?

I’m in AKPSI, the business fraternity, and Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting fraternity. I also work as a supplemental instructor for intro Micro and Macroeconomics at the Tulane Academic Success Center and tutor for the Athletic Academic Services Center in Finance, Accounting, and Economics.

How do you juggle everything?

It’s really hard sometimes; going to sleep at a decent hour almost never happens! But so far, I’ve been able to manage my schedule well enough to make time for everything. I think the most important thing is to have a positive attitude, and I try to do that no matter what I’m doing. After all, I have to live up to my name:)

Do you have any advice to freshmen/incoming freshmen?

BUY A PAIR OF RAINBOOTS (I didn’t have any at the beginning of freshman year, and it was terrible!) Other than that, get out of your comfort zone and make as many friends as you can your first year. You never know who you’ll meet!



Pho. Or literally any other type of Asian food

New Orleans spot

Audubon Park


Toni Weiss, my econ professor—her class is very challenging, but she cares a lot about her students and is very supportive. She has taught me so much over the years.

Experience/memory from college (so far)

Pledging for AKPSI. There were so many activities going on and by the end, everyone had gotten closer with each other. One of the bonding events was a trip to the beach; we had to make a human pyramid and I got to be at the top!


If you could have any job with guaranteed success, what would it be?

A supermodel (because I’d get free designer clothes)

If you were a food…?

Something spicy…maybe wasabi, because I like to make people cry. Just kidding, I’m very sweet.