Campus Celebrity: Sarah "Speegz" Spiegelman '15

Name: Sarah “Speegz” Spiegelman

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science and Gender Studies

Hometown: San Diego, CA

What are you involved with on campus?

Phi Sigma Pi, USG, Mortar Board, SWEET (Student Women Embracing Equality at Tulane), GSAC (Gender and Sexuality Advisory Council), and OGSD (Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity).


What did you do over the summer?

I worked at the LGBT Community Center of New Orleans as a legislative and policy intern.


If you were guaranteed to succeed, what would your dream career be?

Definitely a Supreme Court Justice; it’s the most powerful position in the United States.


Unusual fact about you?

I am obsessed with lions- I have a lion toy in every bag I carry. And a lion tattoo.  I was also my high school’s mascot.

If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be and why?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg. She’s really smart and awesome. I would try to make her pay for the meal though… I think I’d “accidently” leave my wallet in the car. Or maybe Khaleesi? Can I choose both? #strongfeministleaders


Weird hobbies/talents?

I try to learn new, weird skills during breaks. Like once, I learned how to write in Gregg shorthand. I can also juggle, cook, and my obsession with Lady Gaga is basically a hobby.


What’s your idea of an awesome date?

I really like going to museums and art galleries, or just walking around the Quarter. Or people watching on Bourbon while sober—basically anything that doesn’t involve sitting.