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Campus Celebrity: Art Cai

If you don’t already know him, meet #Art #Cai…#TulanesFinest 


Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Major: Physics

Year: Junior


What’re you involved in anything on campus? 

WTUL – Apprenticing right now, but get your dancing shoes ready for next semester when I (hopefully) go on air

Tulane Fencing – Foil, not a very consistent member, but hey it’s fun.

Global Service League – spreading awareness about real world issues (human trafficking, fair trade, etc.) 

Habitat for Humanity – building houses, learning skills, meeting cool people, waking up early on a Saturday

Upward Bound – tutoring first generation college applicants, making sure they know they can succeed



What’s your favorite thing about Tulane?

The first floor of the library (Learning Commons)… just kidding (shout out to my LC regulars)

The size of the school is perfect, you see a lot of familiar faces around but you always end up meeting new people too…sometimes you might even meet your half-sister. #imanonlychild


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Try new foods (I try anything if it is edible), watch movies/shows (Wes Anderson stuff, funny stuff, insightful stuff), listen to music (indie hipster underground nonconformist obscure stuff), play the ukulele (poorly). #jkionlysleep


Single? Taken?

~*~*$ingle, ladiezzzzz~*~*



What’s your perfect date?

Some sort of swanky art viewing at a museum. or even just a day spent at a museum followed by a homemade meal or coffee at the LBC. #oopsforgotmywalletcanyoucovermethistime


What is one interesting fact about yourself?

I know a lot about Thai food. I have been to almost every Thai restaurant around. #thaipeopleuseforksandspoonsnotchopstixxx


What’s your favorite restaurant in NOLA? What do you order?

Port Of Call- burger with a loaded baked potato. #yespleaseinmystomach


If you could do a duet with any musician, who would it be? What song would you sing?

“Rich Girl” – Hall & Oates #youcantrelyontheoldmansmoney


Dream job? 

Late night talk show host #jerryspringerwenttotulane


Spirit animal? 

Turlte or Owl #natureissick


What are you looking forward to in the rest of the semester?

(Hopefully) spending my time in Thailand! #lame

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