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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

Name: Corley Miller ‘17

Hometown: Farmingville, New York

Major: English and Environmental Studies

What are you involved with on campus?

I’m an RA in Sharp, a DSC at Sharp, part of the Vagina Monologues cast, a member of Surj, a member of Tulane Effective Altruism, a member of Active Minds Tulane, a member of Tulane Green Club (though I’m not nearly as active as I should be), and I perform spoken word at open mic nights around campus!


Why did you decide to be an RA? 

I love to feel as if I am actually making true connections with others- being there for others gives me life. This job has been my greatest experience at Tulane so far and I am so totally in love with the people I’ve met (and like maybe some of them even like me back…tbd).


What’s your favorite childhood memory?

This is such a tough choice so here’s two!

1. It’s called “The Dante Story” by my family and follows the day I told my mom at the age of 3 and a half in the car ride home from daycare that a fellow toddler named Dante had pushed me that day and stole my FisherPrice shopping cart!! I proudly told my mom, kicking the back of her seat the entire time, how “But I didn’t push him back, Mommy”. And when my mother proudly replied, “That’s great Corley, good for you- violence is never the answer.” I beamed back, “Yeah Mommy, I just said ‘F**k you Dante'”. My family laughs until we cry at that story even now.

2. I was skeptical of the existence of Santa Claus but wanted him to be real so badly that I used to come up with “truth tests” each Christmas. One year, I told my parents that there was one gift I wanted over all and if Santa was real, he would know and get it for me. On Christmas Eve, right before bedtime, I told my parents that I really hoped Santa would get me a small vial of Alaskan gold for Christmas the next day and when I woke up that morning? It was under the tree! I can never forget how incredible and TOLERANT my parents were (and are).


Would you consider yourself on fleek?

Only if the definition includes strolling braless and four-days-deep without a shower around campus~


Describe your ideal day. 

Skydiving in a crop top and high waisted leather pants on a beautifully sunny and warm morning with a soy latte in hand (yes, I will drink it on the way down). And of course achieving the accompanying profile picture of the century.


What event are you most excited for before school ends?

I am so sad for the year to be ending!! But The Vagina Monologues this weekend! I’m in it, my parents are flying down, and I’m wearing high waisted leather pants and a bright red blazer while talking about feminism. What more could I ask for? You to show up!