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Brangelina: Through the Years

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard the tragic news: Brangelina is no more. What started as an innocent fling on the set of  2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith became the stuff of Hollywood #couplegoals; however, even Brad and Angelina couldn’t stand the test of time. To commemorate this depressing news here is a montage of their best moments together:

1. 2005 Brangelina

Oh how young and in love the looked on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith...

2. 2006 Brangelina

Spotted: Angie's baby bump on location in Swizterland. 

3. 2007 Brangelina

4. 2008 Brangelina

Baby bump round two and they're still both looking finneeee

5. 2009 Brangelina

Brad, what is that mustache? 

6. 2010 Brangelina

As seen with their growing clan.

7. 2011 Brangelina

Slay...just slay

8.2012 Brangelina

Never forget: the slit that launch 1000 ships. 

9. 2013 Brangelina

How they grow up so quickly...

10. 2014 Brangelina

Matchy, matchy.

11. 2015 Brangelina

Photogenic fam

12. 2016 Brangelina


The end of an era. You shall be missed, Brangelina. 

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