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Beyoncé Conquers NOLA: Formation Tour

I, like most sane human beings, believe that Beyoncé can do no wrong. However, I had some doubts as I waited after DJ Khaled’s bizarre opening act in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The narrative in my head was trying to temper my excitement and adjust my expectations, but in the mix of it all I found myself walking the fine line between preparations and losing my faith in the Queen. What if the concert was so performance-y that I felt no connection? What if she was just meh (I know, shame on myself)? Well, the lights went down, and she rocked it. I was in the presence of true talent. After a couple extravagant performances of songs off her newest album, “Lemonade,” I was smack-dab in the middle of the Beyhive. The videos that played between songs were perfectly crafted: some with home videos of Destiny’s Child-age Bey, others abstract footage of what I am assuming are body parts belonging to Beyoncé, and of course, Blue Ivy. We heard what felt like every song she ever produced: my favorite parts being her sprinklings of bits of older songs into the performance. It was amazing. She was dancing and singing and flipping her hair and the camera kept zooming in on her butt…something only she could pull off and still maintain her class. Like the average peasant, I was in awe, but I felt emotionally distant. Just as that little demon of doubt crept its way back into my brain, she walks onto the stage, and gives an inspiration-filled pep talk. It’s like SHE KNEW. We were officially on the same wavelength, despite the distance from my seat in the nosebleeds to her immortal majesty. To impress me even more, she exposed her mind reading abilities and blessed us with a solo acapella rendition of “Love on Top” filled to the brim with raw talent. So let us review. What did I learn from the Beyoncé concert? Beyoncé is a goddess who can stand on moving boxes, splash in sophisticated kiddie pools, is probably a psychic, and yes, officially, is #FLAWLESS.     

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