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Best Things to do with a Visitor for the Weekend

Although the average Tulane student is from 900 miles away, we have all come to call this campus and New Orleans our homes, so when someone from home visits it’s like you get to be their own personal New Orleans expert. At least that is what I tried to become when my friend from high school visited for the weekend. Before we made the obligatory visit to the French Quarter and my favorite places on Magazine Street, I came up with the top 4 best things to do with a friend visiting for the weekend:

  1. Visit the French Quarter! Although this may seem like an obvious one for any visitor who wants to see the main tourist attractions in NOLA, it is important to go into the French Quarter with a plan in order to make sure you get to see and do everything you want. Whether this is grabbing beignets at Café du Monde, walking through Bourbon Street, or checking out some of the local artists, there is so much to do in the French Quarter that it may even warrant two visits!
  2. Eat at Tulane student favorite restaurants! These restaurants will vary person to person, but if you’re struggling to find restaurants, check out the Spoon Tulane Instagram page for some of the best food pictures you have ever seen. Some of my favorite classic Tulane student restaurants are Rum House, Pizza Domenica, Willa Jean, Creole Creamery, and Shaya.
  3. Take them on a NOLA specific tour! Because of the amazing history of our city, there are so many tours that visitors and residents alike can take to learn more. From carriage tours of the French Quarter to Mardi Gras World tours to cemetery tours, there is something for every type of visitor you may have.
  4. Show them your favorite things about Tulane! It is definitely important to explore everything that the city has to offer, but don’t forget to show what makes NOLA your home, which is Tulane. Whatever it is that makes Tulane special for you, share it with whoever is visiting you so they know just how much our school means to you.  
My name is Madison and I am from Glen Mills, PA! I am currently a senior at Tulane and am excited to be Tulane's Campus Correspondent this year.
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