Best Finals Study Spots at Tulane

As the semester winds down, only one thing stands in the way of a nice winter break: finals. While finals week is inherently stressful and nerve-racking, finding the perfect spot to settle down with your textbooks and laptop makes studying a little bit more bearable. Even if it takes a few tries to find your spot, hopefully one of the following places can be your home over the next week.

  1. LBC Tables: The tables on the LBC patio or on the opposite side of the quad provide the perfect study spot to mix in some fresh air and sunlight with your mountains of notes as long as the warm NOLA weather holds out long enough.
  2. PJ’s on Willow: Coffee shops are classic study spots due to their proximity to the caffeine that will get you through the week and the PJ’s on Willow definitely accommodates all finals week needs. With a printer, computers, coffee/snacks, outside seating, and booths, you could stay in PJ’s for days at a time to study.
  3. Hillel: Hillel not only takes Wavebucks for its kosher meals, but it also has comfortable couches for students and free coffee. If you are looking for a way to get off of campus without actually leaving, Hillel may be the perfect spot for you.
  4. Cudd Hall: Like Hillel, Cudd Hall has free coffee Monday through Friday with big, comfortable chairs inside and swings on the front porch, so you can choose whether you want to experience the fresh air or stay comfortably inside.
  5. Howie T: While this one may seem obvious, finding the perfect spot in Howie T could set you up for success for the rest of your time at Tulane. Some people find their perfect spot whether it is at one of the secluded desks in the back corner of the third floor or a group table with computers on the first floor, but it is never to late to try out all of the floors at Howie T to find your favorite. You also really can't beat the views from the top floors!