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A Beginner’s Guide to Voodoo Fest

            If you bought a ticket to Voodoo, the time is almost here. If you didn’t buy a ticket, you’ll definitely want to stay off of Snapchat this weekend. While some Tulane students are seasoned festival veterans, if this is your first Voodoo Experience- here are some tips to maximize the weekend without getting too overwhelmed.

1. Try to pre-arrange a ride or use the shuttle

Uber and Lyft will have large price surges due to increased demand. If possible, arrange a ride with a friend. If not, the Voodoo Shuttle takes festival-goers to and from multiple places around the city every day! Check out their website to see where the best location is for you.

2. Download the App!

The Voodoo app, available for Apple and Android phones, gives you a detailed lineup and helps create a personalized schedule based on the acts you want to see.  It’s impossible to see every act, and trying to might just stress you out to the point where you lose out on enjoying the festival. Additionally, maps, FAQs, and details about the surrounding area can all be found on the app.

3. Come hungry

If for some reason you’re tired of Bruff (because that could never happen), The Forked Up Food Court will have plenty to eat. It aims to bring all of the best New Orleans dishes to one place, and food vendors will be open all day.

4. Come with cash or go for Voodoo Cashless

ATM fees are unreasonably high at the festival, so bring your cash with you. Alternatively, an option exists to link a debit card to your wristband. All you’ll have to do is tap your wristband, enter your PIN, and you’re free to buy food, drinks, merch, and anything else at the festival.

5. Be ready for more than just music

There’s a reason this festival is marketed as an experience. World famous musicians are paired with eclectic and stunning displays of art, delicious food, and a marketplace featuring over 20 local stores. 

6. Dress for the occasion

In the age of flower crowns, flash tattoos, and face paint, it’s important to remember an element of practicality in your outfits. Going without a bag can allow you to go through a separate check-in line, which is much quicker. Wear comfy shoes, bug spray, and stay hydrated! But don’t let this stop you from wearing an ornate costume or a killer outfit, just keep in mind you’ll be at a festival all day… outside… in New Orleans.

7. Have a plan

Because of the sheer quantity of people, cell service can be spotty or even nonexistent. If you split with your friends, have a plan of where to meet up- it might be impossible to text or call them depending on your carrier.

So there you go! Hopefully these tips will help you have a great weekend. Also, advice from a bartender that works the festival: don’t use a fake. Bartenders are supposed to confiscate the ID, and possibly confiscate your wristbands as well. But uh, besides that, happy Voodoo!!

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