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Beauty Tips for Sorority Recruitment

Here at Tulane, Sorority Recruitment of 2014 has just passed. Recruitment is a time for girls of all different interests and styles to come together in hopes of finding a sorority that’s the right fit for them. Recruitment takes place over two weekends, filled with long days of visiting different houses and non-stop chatting. Your makeup look is an essential detail to pay attention to when creating an ensemble each day. Here are a few quick tips and product reccomendations that will ensure a put together appearance:

1. Foundation Primer

Here’s why: Recruitment involves long days ranging for hour long schedules; applying a foundation primer on your skin will expand the lifespan of your face makeup.

2. Keep it Light and Fresh

Here’s why: Light and fresh are two adjectives to keep in mind when applying makeup for recruitment events. These days are all about making your best first impression and showcasing your true colors, and you don’t want too much face makeup to hide your natural beauty and take away from the attention put on your personality.

3. Bring Products on the Go

Here’s why: Most girls participating in recruitment like to touch up their makeup right before going to a sorority house. Bringing the lip color, highlighter, powder, and concealer you’re wearing that day will allow you to conceal any sudden blemishes or reapply your lip color before heading into a new house.

4. Wear Lipstains Over Lipstick 

Here’s why: Lip stains are the most practical lip product for recruitment days because they’re long-lasting and hassle-free. Not only are lipstains more natural looking than lipstick, they’re also more clean than lipstick, meaning no lipstick marks on cups, teeth, or cheeks.

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