The Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants as High School Superlatives

We only have to wait a few more months until the most wonderful time of the year: The Bachelor! If you’re a fan of the show, you probably know that Season 21 features Nick Viall, a serious repeat offender in the world of The Bachelor. After being the runner up on not one, but TWO separate seasons of The Bachelorette, then failing to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, it’s safe to say that America hopes Nick finally finds the woman he’s looking for (partly because we’re truly rooting for him, and partly so we can stop seeing him on our TV screen). While we wait for another dramatic season of our favorite mess of a TV show, let’s look back on some of the most memorable contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as typical high school superlatives.

*Disclaimer: Contestants on this list will be from seasons I’ve watched (from Sean’s season to JoJo’s season). My sincerest apologies to the OG fans!!

Biggest Heartbreaker

Juan Pablo

I just hate this guy. He was a complete jerk to Andi (my queen) and when he finally scored the opportunity to be the Bachelor he didn’t even propose!!! Why were you on this show? No besos for you.


I kind of like Sharleen because made Juan Pablo look like an idiot. It was painfully obvious from the start that he was waaaay more into her than she was into him. America collectively let out a sigh of relief when she decided to leave.

Most Dramatic


Chad clearly lives for the drama, which was the only reason he was kept on the show for so long, and the only reason why he was invited to go on Bachelor in Paradise. Too bad he got kicked out after a day.

Ashley I.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ashley I. She’s a total baddie and I really respect that she says whatever she wants whenever she wants. I just got a little tired of seeing her cry for the majority of her screen time.

Biggest Sweetheart


Ben (a.k.a. Peter Brady, as my dad likes to call him) is the obvious choice for this superlative. He’s your perfect “boy-next-door” who was constantly overwhelmed by the thought of having to eliminate someone each week. The women on his season never had a bad thing to say about him, which is very rare on The Bachelor and reality TV in general.


In my opinion, Des is the most underrated Bachelorette ever. She was completely genuine and kindhearted as a contestant on The Bachelor, and later as the Bachelorette. Nothing was ever an act for the cameras, and she continues to live a humble life with her season’s winner, Chris, and their newborn baby boy.

Best Buds

JJ & Clint

I’m not a fan of these guys and you probably aren’t either, but you have to admit they had a serious bromance going on. In all honesty, their controversial relationship was probably heavily manipulated for entertainment purposes, but they’ll always be known as the “brokeback bachelors.”

JoJo & Becca

Even though JoJo & Becca were competing against each other at one point, they’re actually the epitome of #friendshipgoals. I highly recommend you follow both of them on Instagram to keep up with their perfect bestie lives doing perfect bestie things (my personal favorite: drinking mimosas while working out together).

Class Clown

Shawn & Kaitlyn

I chose not to separate these two since their relationship is pretty much based on making the other person laugh harder, which makes them the perfectly quirky and adorable couple. Kaitlyn and Shawn are easily the funniest and craziest couple in Bachelor history, and everyone else looks pretty boring by comparison.

Cutest Couple

Sean & Catherine

These two are the most amazing humans in the world and they’re literally the best thing the Bachelor franchise has ever produced. And now they have a FREAKING BABY. I love them so much. I quit. I’m done.