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8 Reasons to Love Spring in NOLA

8. Strawberry Abita

Ah, is there anything better than this? How they get the perfect blend of strawberry and beer flavors we will never know, but it is definitely a spring staple.


7. The Weather

As most of us know, summer in NOLA is a real killer temperature wise. Spring has the perfect mix of low humidity and high temps. Take that, East Coast snowpocalypse.

6. Daiquiris

While these are available year round (eggnog flavor? Check. King cake flavor? Check) everyone knows that they are best enjoyed in the spring. Pick them up for your festival, fly day, or crawfish boil.


5. Snoballs

Shaved ice’s cooler, southern cousin. They’re back, and they’re as delicious as ever. Don’t call them Italian ice or a snow cone…snoballs are a whole different breed.

4. Crawfish

Whether you call them mudbugs or crayfish, everyone knows that nothing tops a springtime crawfish boil. Bonus points if this takes place at the fly.


3. Bike Rides

Nothing is more #blissful than a bike ride through Audubon Park. Grab a friend and enjoy a sunny afternoon surrounded by all of the beauty that NOLA has to offer.

2. Crawfest …Jazzfest…French Quarter Fest…You get the picture

Every weekend holds a new and exciting festival to go to. Spring holds no shortage of good music and even better company.

1. Fly Days

Nothing is better than getting friends together, spreading out your towel, and enjoying a weekend at the fly. Who needs vacation when you live in the greatest city on Earth?

Current Tulane senior studying English and Communications. Contact: sydneyclarke@hercampus.com
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