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1. Brass Pineapple Bangle from SweetAuburnStudio 


Because Spring break is almost here and tropical themed accessories are the way to go.


2.  Feminist Banner Pin from BitterBettyGoods


Because why not? Loud and proud. 


3. Happy Birthdrake Card from DiamondCake 


Because you have that friend that loves puns, birthdays and Drake. 




4. Paper Stars Lantern Garland from ginew


Because you’re over your tapestry and are already thinking about how you want to decorate your room next semester. 


5. Succulent Pinback Buttons from mistprint


Because you love plants but suck at keeping them alive. 

6. Single Ladies Typography Lyrics Poster from DrawMeASong


Because you need that daily reminder that a higher power exists. 


7. Leather Tassle Keychain from erikasleather 


Because you keep losing your keys and something to make you never want to let them out of your sight. 


8. Small Wooden Candle Holder from andrewsreclaimed


Because you want your room to feel as relaxing as a yoga studio without actually having to do yoga. 



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