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The 6 Restaurants to Cure Your Hangover

We’ve all been there: that awful, gloomy, hungover Sunday morning, when we’re hungry and dead, and the thought of Bruff makes us even more nauseous than we already are. Fortunately, we are in New Orleans and have thousands of restaurants that can resolve our hangover and turn us back into happy human beings. I made a list of my personal favorites that are perfect hangover cures and listed pros and cons of each.

1)   Satsuma

·      Pros: YUM! Satsuma will wake you up whether you’re getting coffee or fresh squeezed juice, and has delicious food to give you the energy you need to power through the day. Satsuma is also in walking distance, and has the perfect hangover munch.

·      Cons: If you’re not looking too pretty, you may not want to check out Satsuma (half of Tulane will most likely be at Satsuma on a Sunday morning). Due to this, it sometimes takes a while to get your food and to find a table.

2)   Refuel

·      Pros: We’ve all seen that Breakfast Burrito on Instagram and wondered if it was worth it to take a cab and refuel… it is.

·      Cons: Have to take a cab, and depending on how hungover you are you may not be able to wake up before 2, which is when it closes.

3)   Stein’s Bagels

·      Pros: As a girl coming from New York, I know what a good bagel tastes like. Therefore I know that Einstein’s and all the other local bagel places aren’t real bagels. Stein’s on the other hand tastes just like a New York bagel and has numerous different flavored cream cheeses and sides to have along with your bagel. The orange juice also rocks.

·      Cons: Have to take a cab and takes a while to get a bagel…but it’s worth it!

4)   District.Diners.Sliders.Brew.

·      Pros: Do I even need to say it? We’ve all seen an Instagram of these delicious donuts, and they are literally the size of my face. Also have great sliders and other lunch items!

·      Cons: Have to take a cab and honestly you feel a little overwhelmed trying to finish the donut.

5)   Slim Goodies Diner

·      Pros: Omelettes, pancakes, French toast, fruit… Slim Goodies has all the munch you want to cure your hangover.

·      Cons: Have to take a Cab and only open until 3.

6)   Ruby Slipper Café

·      Pros: Delicious!! Ruby Slipper is underrated and most people don’t know about it, but the breakfast all day definitely is capable of healing a gruesome hangover.

·      Cons: Cab and depending on how many other people are hungover, you may have to wait a while to get your table.


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