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5 Tips for Handling Your Roommate’s Different Sleep Schedule

So, you opted for a random roommate, and although you get along nicely, there is one issue; you are on different sleep schedules. My roommate likes to go to sleep early and wake up at a time I could not even imagine setting my alarm for. So, after my 6 weeks of experience with this issue, I believe I am qualified enough to bestow advice on to you all reading.


  1. Have your essentials set up

I often find myself, when coming back late, rummaging through my belongings while attempting to not bother my sleeping roommate with any noise. Whether it is grabbing your toiletries, finding your pajamas, or filling up your water bottle, make sure to have your essentials laid out and ready before initially leaving your room. This will not only prevent your roommate from making any sly comments as you try to get settled into bed, but also you will be thanking yourself for being prepared, whether you are coming home late from The Boot, or getting up early for that dreaded 8:00 am.


2.   Bribe your roomie with food before you leave

Right before leaving for the late-night study session or for a night out on Bourbon Street, offer your roomie some of those snacks you have stashed away. Also, if your roommate is still angry with you in the morning, then give her more food! The later you stay out the more food she gets. It’s a win, win!

3. Leave the door unlocked

My early-rising roommate has the habit of locking the door before she goes to sleep. My suggestion to all of you who have a roommate who likes to stay up late is to remember to leave the door unlocked so that your roommate does not have to bother herself with finding her keys. In addition, this will be to your benefit as you will not be awakened by the sounds of your roommate noisily fiddling with the door.


4. Invest in a book light

My roommate likes to promptly turn off the lights at a specific time. So, I am always left hanging in the dark with all my study material sprawled across my bed. My suggestion for this situation would be to invest in a book light or a clip-on light. Instead of having to fumble around in the dark while transferring all of your belongings to your desk, just stay put and remain comfy while studying!


5. Buy your roommate a sleeping mask

Another bribery technique is to buy your roommate a sleeping mask! This may allow you to bargain for more time with the lights on. Also, it will make your roommate even more comfortable and happy overall!

Remember to be confrontational about both of your sleeping habits. A shared living space is all about compromise! Also, never underestimate the power of a bribe!


Joelle is a freshman from New York City, planning on majoring in Political Science and English, with a minor in Business. Her interests include films, dogs, Broadway plays, and politics!
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