The 5 Things I Learned During Sorority Recruitment

Five Things I learned During Sorority Recruitment


  1. It’s stressful as hell. They say, it all works out, and you hope that will be true. I went in with a semi-open mind. However, after the first day, my mind was closed. I knew what I wanted, and didn’t stop stressing about being released from those houses until it was over.


    2. Trust the process. Everyone says that, but it’s true. It just works out. If you don’t get into a sorority, it’s because you wouldn’t have been a good fit with the pledge class they were trying to create. You may think you know, but you really don’t.

    3. You will make friends during the rush process. Nothing bonds you and others like standing in line anxiously waiting to talk to the sorority girls. When you have good news, the first people you will want to tell were those around you in line.


   4. Don’t pick a house just because your friends did. Finding a sorority is about you, not your friends. You might think you are similar and should therefore be in the same sorority, but that’s not necessarily true. And seriously, not being in a house with your best friends can be a blessing, not a curse.


  5. Even if you don’t end up in the house you want, give it a chance. I luckily ended up with the house I chose after preference night, but I did have friends who did not.  They gave it a chance, made the best of it, and it worked out for the best. They have made friends and met older girls that they definitely would not have met otherwise.