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The new year always spawns a new yearning in people to do “better.” Most people make resolutions to hold themselves to these self-improvement plans, but often these new changes overshadow the great things you’re already doing. That said, let’s take this time to appreciate five things you’re probably already doing SPECTACULARLY well in your life and remind you to continue doing them in 2015.

1. Breathe

A constantly overlooked task, but CONGRATS! The fact that you’re breathing means you’ve lived another year, grown older, but maybe not much wiser. Regardless, release your inner yogi, take a deep breath and thank it for giving you life ~~ namaste.

2. Eat

Eat well, live well. Enough said.  

3. Learn

Although you may feel burnt out and wished winter break lasted forever, everyone should relish the joy of discovering new skills everyday.

4. Love 

Ugh, yes, I dropped the big L-bomb. For clarification I don’t necessarily mean it in a romantic sense, but the fact that you care deeply about someone or something (even if it is just pizza) deserves a virtual high-five as that shows you put others before yourself — a noble conquest. 

5. Play 

Learning how to balance fun and work is a life long struggle and skill, but everyone needs to let off a bit of steam from time to time. If you feel like you need a break from the daily grind, take one; treat yo’ self and go have a good time with friends. 

With the new year ahead of you, do all that you can to make it better than your last; however, don’t forget all the wonderful things you’re already doing to make yourself a happier person.


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