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5 Must-Do Things Over Spring Break

            For some unknown reason (just kidding, we do know—Mardi freakin’ Gras, my dudes!), Tulane students seem to have spring break later than just about EVERY OTHER SCHOOL.  Although that may sound like a bummer at first, there is a clear silver lining here.  Now you have some well-deserved alone time, away from all the outrageousness that comes with living in the Big Easy.  So, sit back, relax, and take a quick peek at my spring break to-do list:

  1. Go to a spa: you definitely need some personal rejuvenation time. Take this opportunity to put some cucumbers over your eyes and let some random lady massage you whilst you drink ice water with melon in it.
  2. Visit your local museum: some people are avid museum haters, and I completely respect that.  However, take a chance, step outside of your comfort zone, and look at some Degas or Picasso or maybe even a little Flavin…just to keep it interesting ;)
  3. Eat something weird n fun: try some ethnic food from that sketchy restaurant nearby.  Although this seems like bad advice, give it a chance.  The small, gross-looking places oftentimes serve the best food.  Maybe some Ethiopian, maybe some El Salvadorian.  Travel the world with your taste buds!
  4. Spend time at a library or bookstore: I’m sure there’s a non-Barnes and Noble near you somewhere.  Check it out, you won’t regret it.  I love spending time in bookstores, especially those that sell vintage books.  They’re not only interesting to read, but so pretty to look at.  Great place for gifts, too (just a heads up).
  5. Find some live music: even if this is hard, it’s worth a shot. Hearing live music is one of the most satisfying experiences.  Grab some friends that have nothing else to do, go on Google, and find a band or artist that peaks your interest.  The more random, the better!  That’s how you find the good ones!
Jenna Karic

Tulane '20

Jenna is a junior at Tulane University studying Political Economy and International Development. In her spare time, she loves to break it down on the dance floor (no shame, ladies!), eat exhorbitant amounts of sushi, and write basically anything and everything. When she doesn't have her head in a book or a plate of mac n' cheese, you can probably find her trying to pet small animals or trying to strike up a debate #college.
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