The 5 Items you Must Order from Amazon Before Mardi Gras

Top 5 Things to Order From Amazon Before Mardi Gras


  1. A fanny Pack. You will be walking a lot, and be doing a lot, and will need to have something right on your body to hold your things. A fanny pack is perfect for some cash, a protein bar and your phone. You might need to have a backpack as well, but having a fanny pack is a smart and efficient way of carrying around your small must-haves.






2. Crazy leggings. You won’t go a Mardi Gras without seeing girls in their galaxy, mermaid, or metallic leggings. They take the outfit from 0-100 real quick, and are always a fun item to swap with your friends. Definitely order them off amazon because they will be much cheaper there than an actual store.





3. Water Bottle. You will be drinking a lot of alcohol! It is very important to stay hydrated the whole time. You don’t want to feel sick or too tired, so drinking a lot of water will definitely help you throughout the day.





4. Sunscreen. It doesn’t matter how hot it feels, you will be outside all day. For the pasty people like me, make sure to always have a little bit on. It would suck to be so burned after a day that it hurts to do things for the next couple of days.


5. Advil. The chance that you feel gross at some point or get a raging headache is high. Have some Advil in your fanny pack just in case, for you, or for a friend. Make sure to not have Tylenol because that does not mix well with alcohol.