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Since Women’s History Month 2021 has just concluded, I believe it’s the perfect time to honor some Girl Bosses that have popped up this month. These ladies are some of the most influential forces in my life this month, and I really wanted to take the time and honor all they’ve done this month, and every month.

The Ever Given, akak The Boat Stuck in the Suez Canal

I can’t think of anything more Girl Boss than blocking 10% of international trade and not moving despite the efforts of engineers and machinery. Though it was a gust of wind that brought her into this position, she is not backing down from this mounting pressure and media attention! Her goal to bring back the old route of sailing around the southern tip of Africa is so admirable, and we love seeing achievements like this on such an international scale. You go, girl!


Wanda Maximoff

She did what so many of us dream about: created an entire world from her own grief-stricken delusion entirely centered around sitcoms and successfully escaped this cruel reality. Sure, she was psychologically tormenting an entire town day in and day out for who knows how long. Yes, she did in fact try and kill several people to maintain the world she built, even after she’d realized the gravity of the situation. But that’s determination, baby! No one can get in the way of a Girl Boss and her goals, and that spirit is exactly what earned Maximoff her place on this list.

Sister Cindy

A queen with a message! She is the voice of a generation, screaming and hollering like the powerful woman she is to legions of college students across the United States. She shares so much insightful wisdom, warning us against “vampire hoes on campus” and advising young women about the inherent deviant sexuality of being alive in a feminine form. She’s not afraid to get down and do “some good old fashion slut shaming” when the time calls for it. We love her for her authenticity and drive to share her radical truth to anyone who will listen. With her new personal TikTok channel @sistercindyforreal up and running, I am so excited to hear what else she has to say in this hour of need.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s FitBits

 If you’ve seen their Twitters, you know exactly what I’m talking about. These elected officials are constantly on the move, walking to and from God only knows where. As much as I would love for them to walk to legislation for $15 minimum wage, gun control, not putting children in cages, or concrete solutions to the climate crisis, their destinationless and heavily documented strolls across DC must be very important and working those FitBits into overtime. Their tireless efforts in recording the step count of two of the most powerful individuals in government right now with so little recognition is honestly tragic. Wait to go ladies, make sure they keep that step count up!

The Crane at Bruff’s Gravesite

Look, I recognize that she’s been here for a hot minute and has already been the focus of numerous student publications (like this) but I think she’s more than deserving of this moment in the sun! The Crane is not afraid to stand tall, out, and proud on this campus. Her fan-run Instagram page with over 1k followers is more than enough proof of a certified Girl Boss. Let’s go TU Crane!


Holly Haney

Tulane '23

Holly Haney is a sophomore at Tulane University majoring in Psychology and English, and minoring in Spanish. She is from Dallas, TX and along with Her Campus, is involved in her sorority and a mental health organization on campus called Tulane Unmasked.
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