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3 Reasons Why Amal Alamuddin Clooney is the Definition of Life Goals

Amal Alamuddin Clooney is an amazing international lawyer famed for her dedication to fighting for human rights. She is intelligent, graceful, and compassionate. She is an inspiration for college women everywhere because:


  1. This is her career:

Amal began her illustrious legal career working with Sonia Sotomayor (future Supreme Court justice!!!) at the US Court of Appeals while she studied law at NYU. She is now an international criminal barrister (fancy term for a legal representative) and teaches at Columbia University School of Law on the side. She is also noted for her work on fighting for women’s rights in war zones with the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative and her representation of Armenia in the case against Turkey for their denial of the Armenian genocide in the European Court of Human Rights. You know, casual stuff that everyone does, it’s whatever.

2. This is her style:

Amal’s google image search reads like a Pinterest style inspiration board. Anyone who can look fabulous in business wear, couture, and casual deserves an A++. As any girl knows, finding work clothes that don’t look frumpy and sad can be difficult. However, Amal manages to look professional and pretty at the same time. This much glamour has to be illegal. As a lawyer Amal should know this.


3. This is her husband:

That! Is! George! Clooney! World’s Number 1 man dime! Now, I am a mega feminist and I know that a man doesn’t define a woman and Amal is fabulous no matter who she is married to, but c’mon. George Clooney. That is pretty freakin’ wild. He is pretty much the most handsome older actor in all of Hollywood. Except maybe for John Stamos.

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