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21 Signs You Go To Tulane

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

Home to the biggest college party and so much more, here are the signs that you are a Green Wave, courtesy of the Her Campus Tulane Staff. 

21 Signs You Go to Tulane: 

  1. When Mardi Gras is always better than any other university’s biggest party.
  2. The day Mardi Gras ends, you begin a countdown until next year’s Mardi Gras.
  3. That said, you’ve had at least 10 people tell you that they’re coming to visit you for Mardi Gras, knowing very-well that they’re not.
  4. Whenever you tell someone you go to Tulane, they ask you if the city has recovered since Katrina.
  5. The Boot’s motto, “Where your college career begins and ends” could not be more true.
  6. You come home every night smelling like cigarettes and alcohol.
  7. When you go back home and forget that walking around in the streets isn’t something that you are casually allowed to do.
  8. When your pregame slowly dwindles into just the game.
  9. When people hear you go to Tulane and come to find out it is located in New Orleans, they assume you are an alcoholic and are in need of an AA sponsor ASAP.
  10. When your tutu/leggings collection starts to look like the dress up closet of a 6 year old girl.
  11. You treat the campus cats like they are your BFFs
  12. No matter how many Wavebucks you have in your meal plan, they will never, ever last an entire semester, let alone half of one.
  13. You go to Luff more than you go to Bruff.
  14. When you start rearranging your class schedule around Wednesday happy hour.
  15. When all of your Nola Bucks are gone in the first month because of drunk crepes/Boot pizza that you don’t even remember.
  16. When the threat of snow shuts down everything (even with a predicted low of only 30 and a high of 48).
  17. When you learn to carry around an umbrella everywhere for the days when it goes from no clouds to downpour in about 15 seconds.
  18. Where “Women in Stand Up Comedy” is actually a class.
  19. Knowing that no matter how hard you try, your hair is never (ever ever ever) going to win the battle against humidity.
  20. When you’re from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, or California…or Texas?
  21. When you’ve danced (and fallen off) the pool table at F&M’s.

And in spite of all the weird quirks and traditions, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Erin is an (almost) graduate of Tulane University, graduating with an BA in English. She has enjoyed being a member of Her Campus Tulane and leading the chapter this year alongside Brittany Kottler. After graduation, she hopes to move out to the Bay Area to fulfill her dreams of joining the tech industry.