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16 Responses to: “What are you doing after graduation?”

It's here, the graduation season is upon us and if people haven't been asking you for the past 6 months then they are certainly asking you now. Here are 16 responses to the beloved, "What are your plans after graudation?" question. 

1. Response: "I am still 'evaluating my options' as of right now."

2. Response: "I am in the middle of the application process."

3. Response: "Still working to find the 'best fit' for me."

BUT, if you are more like me, here are some other options:

4. Stare blankly back at the questioner until he/she feels so uncomfortable that they switch topics. 

5. Pretend you don't understand English

6. Ask them the same question (got you sucker!)

7. Laugh, a really loud, long, laugh. By the time you are finished, you can switch topics. 

8. Cry

9. Cry some more

10. Anwer an "emergency phone call"

11. If you are around food or drink of any kind, shove it in your face as quickly as possible. 

12. Respond with something really vague and hope it holds you over. 

13. Run, just run to the nearest bathroom and hide...for a long...long...time. 

14. Cause a scene as quickly as possible (ie. spill something, fall down, etc.)

15. Pretend to see your friend "over there" and book it out of there. 

16. Just walk away...ain't nobody got time for this nonsense. 

WHATEVER YOU DO, don't answer with "I don't know"...you are sure to be DOOMED with someone's pitty eyes on you for the rest of the converstation. 

Stay strong graduates, stay strong. 

Erin is an (almost) graduate of Tulane University, graduating with an BA in English. She has enjoyed being a member of Her Campus Tulane and leading the chapter this year alongside Brittany Kottler. After graduation, she hopes to move out to the Bay Area to fulfill her dreams of joining the tech industry. 
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