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15 Thoughts You Have At Bruff

1.     Your phone lights up with the classic 6:17 pm “anyone wanna bruff?” in your group text. 

2.     Yes! Dinnertime. I can’t wait to make a totally satisfying, delicious, and healthy meal!

3.     ~*~* Walk into Bruff with your whole clique on fleek *~*~


5.     Ok, I’m going to check the back rooms. OMG mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, and smiley fries!

6.     I NEED IT ALL

7.     First try. My mac and cheese is cold and all I really want are these fries.

8.     Time for a second plate of fries. 

9.   I should probably have some veggies. **Struts to salad bar**

10. All of this lettuce is brown and limp. Is this even real?

11. I’ll just make a mediocre salad. With lots of cheese. And dressing.

12. I’m about to start my “salad”, but my friend has pasta. I’ll just try one bite! Or seventeen.

13. I’m going to walk around again. There has to be something healthy here!

14. Should I have fruit? A sandwich? Ice cream?

15. Ugh, fine I”ll just have cereal. 

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