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10 Things That Inevitably Happen When You Look Younger Than Your Age

1. Your college ID card is strangley reminiscent to the one you carried around in middle school. 

2.  If you stop for 2 seconds on your way to class, someone asks you if you need directions. 

3. While waiting for your bags at the airport before your senior year, someone asks you what dorm you’re moving in to.  

4. Student teaching at the local high school is a constant battle of being confused for a 10th grader. 

5. Fake IDs were never an option.   

6. Even after you turn 21, bouncers ask for a backup ID or a credit card. 

7. A month into the semester, your professor asks you if you are enjoying your campus visit on your way out of class. 

8. You can’t leave happy hour without at least 3 freshmen thinking they have a chance with you. 

9. If you even dare go into the admissions office, someone offers you a map and asks if you want to sign up for a tour. 

10. You start to accept the fact that you’ll always look like a freshmen…in high school

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