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10 Shows Coming to Netflix this May

April 30th marks the last day of school for spring 2019. I know.. Hard to believe. Soon we must say goodbye to our school friends, as we disperse across the country during the summer months. As a sophomore, I will not be returning to Tulane University until January 2020, once I have completed my semester abroad in Spain. This time for me and so many others bring about emotions of melancholy. However, When all is said and done, and my last final has been turned in, I know there will be excitement in the fact that I do not have to turn in another homework assignment or test for four whole months.

For me, after finishing my last final May 11, May will be a time for me to recharge, rest, enjoy having little obligation, and of course binge Netflix. This last month, Netflix has been moved to a lower priority, as I have been flooded with homework assignments, social obligations, etc. Now that I have the time, you best believe Netflix will be on my radar. 

For those individuals out of the loop, here are my top 10 Netflix movies/shows coming to Netflix in May to help in fulfilling your binging desires. 


May 1

Hairspray (1988)

Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer: Season 2


Dumb  and Dumber


May 2

Olympus Has Fallen


May 3 

Supernatural: Season 14


May 9



May 21

Arrow: Season 7


May 23

Riverdale: Season 3


May 31

Bad Blood: Season 2


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