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Your Post-Spring Break Detox

Detoxes and Cleanses are words that are causally thrown around in our day of age but what does a detox really do? Cleaning detoxes can last two days to multiple weeks (the longer the better). They are meant to re-set your system, increase your immune system and give you a new surge of energy to get on about your daily life.  After your detox you will experience clearer skin, an increase of energy, and a “lighter” feeling. But be wary, detoxes should not be used as a fast weight loss solution or an excuse for food deprivation, you should only decide to do a detox after research and understanding both the benefits and the cautions. That said Doctor Oz’s 3 Day Weekend Juice Cleanse is a great detox plan for post spring break!


Juicing! I love to juice. When you juice, you not only get the yummy juices but also the fiber and nutrients that you wouldn’t necessarily get from eating the fruit or vegetable by itself.  Doctor Oz’s 3 day weekend cleanse entails you to eliminate all solid foods besides fruits and vegetables for three days.  This will take determination but by the end, you will feel amazing.

Before you start, flush out your system by drinking more water with lemon and ginger, eliminating all caffeine, excesses sugar, red meat, dairy and processed foods, and by drinking a cup of green tea before bed.  For 3 days, you will drink 5 juices and eat 1 meal of fruits and vegetables (recipes here). Below is a visual guide to the 3-day cleanse.

After the cleanse, you can return to 3 meals a day, but try to eat only whole and natural foods such as lean protein, and drink 1 juice per day. 

Good luck! And remember the first two days will be rough but after you finish the 3rd day you will feel prime! 

Tori Lin is from Seattle, WA and is pursuing International Finance and Entrepreneurship at Tufts University! She is passionate about fashion, health, beauty, and food.  She is currently a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and a brand Ambassador for Neurobrands (drinkneuro) and Lyft. Check out her webpage, blog DinWithTlin and connect with her through Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! 
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