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What Jumbos Find Attractive

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Although having a good personality, a high intelligence, and a good sense of humor will always be valuable in the long run; physical attraction plays the largest of all roles in love at first sight. You know what I’m talking about, collegiettes. There are always some physical attributes that we find irresistible and have the power to make our heart beats quicken. Here’s what your fellow Jumbos had to say about what they find sexy.


Start us off, freshman. What qualities are attractive to you?

Freshman Girl: I always notice his facial structure first. It’s not just about specific features, but how they fit together.

Hey girl, I know what you mean. If you are going to have to wake up to his face every morning, might as well enjoy looking at it.


Freshman Guy: I love a great smile. When someone is really enjoying themselves or having a good time, it makes me want to join them and have a good time.

I’ve always said that smiles are contagious, and I agree, good smiles can make a big difference.


What’s up sophomores? What do you find sexy?

Sophomore Girl: I like a man with big hands. They keep my mind running on just how he can use them.

Big hands are always a plus. You know what they say, “Big hands…big feet…”


Sophomore Guy: Uh are boobs an answer?

Yes, yes they are.  


And you juniors…what qualities do you find irresistible?

Junior Girl: Hmm…I find height irresistible.

Interesting…I’m sure that tall boys find you irresistible.


Junior Guy: Irresistible, hmm…I like lips.

Studies have shown that kissing is incredibly important in a relationship, so I have to agree with you. Good lips are indispensable.


Finally, the seniors…what qualities make you lust like never before?

Senior Girl: I like strong arms. They’re so nice to look at and always make me feel safe.

I agree with you…arms of steel can be very sexy.


Senior Guy: Definitely the booty because it goes up and down.

You’d be surprised just how much booties can move around – don’t limit it to up and down!


Whether it’s the long legs, the boobs and butts, the stone-hard abs, or the emotive eyes, there are always going to be physical qualities that we seek when looking for potential partners. So get off of your laptops Jumbos, and have fun looking. We may not go to a large school, but there are just enough people around so that we can all find what we’re looking for.



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Danyelle McInnis is a graduating senior at Tufts University, majoring in English.  She's interested in short story-writing, journalism, marketing, photography, creating websites, baking, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  She's left-handed and always has a secret stash of candy on hand in case the world suddenly runs out of sugar.  In her spare time, she writes about her ongoing transformation from pack rat to minimalist on her blog, Greyer Than Gray.