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What It’s Like to Transfer to Tufts

Where did you transfer from?

Jen: I transferred from Wake Forest in Winston-Salem North Carolina after completing my freshman year.

Caelyn:  I transferred from Colgate, in upstate New York after my freshman year.


Why did you transfer?

Jen: I’m originally from CT and it was hard for me to be so far away from home. I didn’t like having to hop on a plane every time I wanted to see my family. Wake was also very homogenous (mostly white, economically affluent, southern students) and I was looking for a more diverse student body. I also felt like there was a lack of passion among the students to learn and Greek life was HUGE…without it you did not have much of a social life. (The courses and professors at Wake were really great though!)

Caelyn: I grew up in San Francisco and missed being in/near a city—Colgate was too isolated for me. I originally wanted to be at a small school, but I ended up feeling suffocated by the tiny student body (3,500) -- I needed more diversity, more opinions, and a larger student body.


Why Tufts?

Jen: I knew that I wanted to go to a school that was in New England and in a more rural, residential community, but close to a city, so I didn’t feel isolated. I also loved that there are many foreign students and everyone who goes here is incredibly nice. People are always so interested to hear about what you’re studying and what you’re interested in. The classes and professors are also amazing.

Caelyn: The first time around I was actually choosing between Tufts and Colgate, and ended up applying ED to Colgate. My mom is an alum so I had a general sense for the culture of the school while I was growing up, and I remember visiting and loving how kind the people I talked to were. And passionate! Not to mention how smart everyone is. I love being surrounded by intelligent people, and constantly learning from my peers.


What were your first impressions of Tufts?

Jen: It’s beautiful first of all and it really felt like home. I was shocked just by how nice and welcoming everyone was and still is.

Caelyn: Everyone I talked to was so genuine, and nice, which kind of came as a surprise to me because I honestly hadn’t experienced that in college yet! Also, the temporary transfer house (aka the DTD frat house) is SO NICE. I was so glad that the school tried to form a community for us by having us live all together.


What was the hardest thing about transferring?

Jen: Trying to find my niche. Definitely still looking!

Caelyn: Meeting people outside of the transfer community wasn’t super easy at first, and Tufts is definitely more difficult academically than what I’ve experienced before. It was a little bit of an adjustment, but I’m so happy here.


What advice would you give an incoming transfer student?

Jen: Join clubs and try to be super outgoing and friendly. Don’t be afraid to ask people to hang out and make sure to balance your school work and going out, so you can feel out the social scene.

Caelyn: People at Tufts are super nice, but it definitely helps to make the effort and ask people to hang / grab a meal etc. Also, I talked to 3 previous transfer students about their experience before I got to Tufts--I would highly recommend this when making your final decision about whether or not Tufts is the right place for you.

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