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Living on the Hill comes with some specific problems. My friends from other schools just don’t seem to understand the struggles of walking up and down a hill five times a day, or the 45 minute lines standing outside of frats in the freezing cold. Here are some problems that every Jumbo will face during their time at Tufts:

1.  The enormous line on Stir-Fry night at Carm

Is it really worth the twenty minute wait?


2.  Being all dressed up with nowhere to go


All it takes is a Tufts Friday to remind you that you do not go to a big state school


3.  When the weather changes every five minutes

Okay maybe this is more of a New England problem, but it’s equally annoying regardless


4.  Getting caught trying to sneak food out of Carm or Dewick

But I need that for my second dinner…

5.  The walk up the Memorial Steps

Just no.

6.  When you have to go to the bathroom in Tisch but don’t want to leave your stuff alone

Why is there not a bathroom on the main level?

7.  When you discover everyone here is super smart and accomplished


I thought I was good at Spanish…

8.  When you visit other schools and realize that nowhere is as awesome as Tufts


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