The Tufts Her Campus Team

Starting something new on campus is never easy. Luckily, we had the opportunity to work with some very special students who made developing Her Campus Tufts incredibly fun and exciting. It was only fair that we gave them the credit they deserved, and made them our last Campus Celebs of the year. Thank you all for your wonderful work, we love you!

Danielle Carbonneau

I'm a junior double majoring in English and Spanish with a minor in Communications and Media Studies.  I'm a reluctant pessimist with a love for dark comedies, Japanese culture, cinnamon buns, and middle
names.  I believe in karma and the healing power or chocolate-chip pancakes

Ann Chunharakchote AKA "Ann the Man"

I'm a sophomore double-majoring in International Relations and Japanese and minoring in Economics. I was born and raised in Thailand. (And yes, I miss Thai food dearly.) I am a Cancer, and the middle child of three. 
I am one of those people seem rather quite and reserved on initial encounters. I can also be really shy. I have a fear of saying hi to people first, because I'm afraid that they won't remember who I am and I would freak them out. So, if we've met and we cross paths and I didn't say hi, I probably know who you are but I'm just being my stupid shy self. Other than that, I've been told that I am quirky, crazy, nice, funny, mean, balanced, fun and the list goes on. 
I am a music junkie and I love going to shows and writing reviews on them. My other hobbies or interest include watching old/foreign/weird movies, drinking insane amounts of coffee, talking about things that matter in life, talking about things that do not matter in life, and of course creative writing. 
Band/Artist: Muse
Color: Purple or Red
Guilty Pleasures: Gossip Girl, Katy Perry
Book: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
Film: anything by Stanley Kubrick, but recently "The Kids are All Right"

Nadezhda Kazakova

I’m a freshman from Sofia, Bulgaria. Although I haven’t declared a major yet I’m pretty sure I want to study International Relations and Communications and Media Studies at Tufts. Aside from writing for Her Campus I’m involved in planning events with the International Club, starting social ventures with the Compass Fellows, or teaching ESL in Somerville. I’m a true romantic in her heart, and I have a thing for dark haired guys with blue eyes; I'm still waiting for such a prince on a white horse to knock on my dorm room door.


Justin McCallum

         Justin McCallum is a sophomore at Tufts University majoring in Peace and Justice with minors in Studio Art and Latin American Studies. He's not quite sure where any of those certificates will take him, but he is interested in pursuing a career of photography and human rights advocacy. Justin is a staff photographer and asst. photo editor for The Tufts Daly, his on campus publication, and also does fine art, wedding and fashion work having on the side interned with Nadra Photography and Jen Dean Photography in Southern Maine. Although he is new to photojournalism, Justin has always had a passion for the arts and social justice since growing up in Portland, ME and now living Boston, MA. When he isn't running around between assignments, he enjoys watching movies, attending protests, and being generally loud and obscene. His greatest vice is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and would probably sell a kidney for a lifetime supply.

Lisa Setow

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