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Tufts Farmer’s Market- Click for more!

With the recent dreary days of rain and Summer turning to Fall, many have been looking for something to perk them up on campus. Luckily, our taste buds can be tickled as well as our eyes satiated by a visit to the delicious and alluring weekly Farmer’s Market.

Held Wednesdays during open block, students can pick up freshly made produce that was produced by local farmer’s who received sustainable agriculture training at Tufts. Student organizer of the market Mariah Gruner marks as one of her favorite aspect of the process, connecting the campus with local “real food” initiatives.

As we slowly head into infamous New England winter, I highly recommend picking up some seasonal veggies like squash, corn, baby tomatoes and potatoes or pick some apples if you can’t get off campus, but still want a succulent snack.

The best part? The Local Farmer’s Market is higher quality than anything you’ll swipe from Carmichael or Dewick, won’t put a strain on your limited student budget, and supports local food producers! Stop by the back patio of Mayer Campus Center this Wednesday and experience this campus secret for yourself!

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