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Trashy or Classy: A Collegiette’s Guide to Taboos and Must-Dos


The primary reasons that each Collegiette attends college are, of course, to continue her education and to prepare her for the so-called "real world." But while the knowledge we acquire through reading texts and attending lectures is certainly valuable, the lessons we learn through our social, romantic, and professional relationships must not be overlooked. With our minds so full of facts and figures, we sometimes forget our social graces. While every Collegiette should feel free to maintain her individuality without being forced to conform to mainstream society’s expectations, there are some boundaries that should remain unbreached. Whether in a platonic, romantic, or academic situation, some actions and behaviors are simply… well… trashy. “Like what?” you ask? Here is a Collegiette's quick guide to social taboos and must-dos.

  • Trashy: Hitting on a guy (or girl) who you know is taken.
  • Classy: Respecting boundaries and other people’s relationships -- this may be Tufts, but there are still plenty of fish in the sea.


  • Trashy: Going to the gym wearing a crop top and makeup, just to be seen (and/or to jersey chase).
  • Classy: Working out in order to give your body the exercise it needs to stay healthy and strong.




  • Trashy: Weekly walks of shame.
  • Classy: Occasional strides of pride -- remember girls: quality, not quantity!


  • Trashy: Talking trash and spreading rumors.
  • Classy: Addressing conflicts head-on by discussing them calmly and maturely.



  • Trashy: Nip slips and top cleavage.
  • Classy: Showing a sexy (yet modest) amount of cleavage.


  • Trashy: Going to a party exclusively to find someone -- anyone -- to go home with.
  • Classy: Going out to have fun with your friends, letting the night take you where it will.



  • Trashy: "Casually” dropping into a conversation with a guy the fact that you’re not wearing underwear... especially when followed by a fake “Oops! Did I say that out loud?”
  • Classy: Remembering that they're called "unmentionables" for a reason -- because no one wants to know about your level of butt coverage. You may think it’s hot to mention, but it's not. Really. I promise.


  • Trashy: Squealing out loud in class when you receive a good grade.
  • Classy: Silently congratulating yourself on a job well done. (Bragging to your proud parents is okay, too!)



  • Trashy: Sending naked Snapchats, even if he/she has already seen you in your birthday suit. Lets keep that to the bedroom (or wherever else you choose).
  • Classy: Cute/funny selfies or snaps of literally anything else.


  • Trashy: Honey Boo Boo’s mom.
  • Classy: Pretty much any other reality TV star. No, but actually.



 Jessica Lee is a senior at Tufts University in Medford, MA. Before transferring to Tufts in the fall of 2011, she spent a semester abroad in Paris, and studied at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA, for two years. Jessica is majoring in English and minoring in Communications & Media Studies, with an eye towards working in PR or Marketing. Never one to shy away from taboo topics or keep her opinion to herself, Jessica enjoys coming up with topics for her weekly “He Said vs. She Said” column.
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