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Tips for Spring Fling


Spring Fling is coming up on April 28th! Ty Dolla $ign, Princess Nokia, Quinn XCII, & Dutch Rebelle are all performing! Spring Fling is always one of the highlights at Tufts. We’re all very excited. Here are some tips to make your Spring Fling the best that it can be!


1.    Sleep

Spring Fling is always a great time, but that being said, you definitely need enough rest before you start the day. Students tend to wake up pretty early for this, so you should make sure that you sleep enough so that you can make the most out of this day!


2.    Pace Yourself

You never have to drink, but if you decide to, make sure to pace yourself. The concert doesn’t start until early afternoon, and it’s a long day. Remember to drink responsibly, take it slow, and make sure to help your friends too.


3.    Hydrate & Eat 

Before, during, and after the concert, make sure to keep drinking water and eating food. Spring Fling is always a full and fun day, but making sure you drink and eat enough is always important. TUSC will have a lot of pizza and bottled water on hand to make sure all of the students are at their best!


4.    Have Fun!

Spring Fling is one of the highlights of Tufts, and it’s such a great experience spending time with friends on Prez Lawn at a concert. This is one of the last weeks of school before summer, so make sure to embrace it!



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