Thoughts On Being Pre-med

This article was written by Rebecca Lachs. 

During the rush of meet-and-greet during orientation, if I wasn’t hearing “I’m IR”, then I was hearing “I’m going pre-med”. Being surrounded by so many people interested in the same career path you are is a little nerve-wracking (it’s so easy to get lost in the crowd!), but it’s comforting too (I won’t have to suffer through organic chemistry alone!).

It’s a little weird to have your future planned out eight years in advance, especially since many classmates don’t even know what they want to major in. And I definitely had to take a step back when they handed us the long list of classes required for med school. It’s kind of hard to believe to believe you can explore your options when you’re also being told you have to take a minimum of eight science courses and a math class while still fulfilling your distribution requirements. Before I felt like I had so much time, now four years doesn’t seem long enough!

The great thing about Tufts is that it has so many resources. I’ve already been to two seminars just on going pre-med, where I’ve gotten some good advice about classes I should take and experiences I should be looking for. The pre-health advising website has a ton of information and there are a million clubs that are great for pre-med students, such as the Pre-Medical Society, Pre-Dental Society, Pre-Vet Society, Pre-Health Society and Peer Health Exchange. I’m still nervous, but I’m confident that Tufts will help me achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.

Photo courtesy of: Tufts University.