Thoughts About Going Abroad As Told By Broad City

Lots of emotions are at play when it comes to leaving Tufts for a semester. Here are some common thoughts that come to mind about going abroad that are best told by Abbi and Ilana from Broad City.


I’m so excited!!!


I’m gonna miss people at Tufts #FOMO.




Ugh. I have to make new friends again.


Cute foreign boys <3


I’m going to be a world traveler and go to 30 different countries on the weekends.


I will probably be thought of as the “dumb American” everywhere I go.


How am I expected to fit 4 months of clothes in one suitcase?!


I hope I can watch Broad City on my computer abroad.


Okay. I’m excited again!!


Going abroad can be stressful as it is uncharted territory and takes you out of your comfort zone, but if you choose to be positive, it can be an incredible experience!


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