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#Tbt TV: Gossip Girl

In this week’s installment of television shows to get reacquainted with, I decided to choose Gossip Girl. This is a topical choice on campus with all of the Yik Yaks about “Gossip Squirrel.” Will Bun Humphrey ever find his way into the inside? These are the questions that keep me up at night. I salute the author(s) of Gossip Squirrel for giving me the drama that was missing from my life after Gossip Girl ended.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to look at some of our favorite (and not so favorite) parts of the show. XOXO

PS: Major (and minor) spoilers ahead!


1)   Hilary Duff

Lizzie McGuire was on Gossip Girl? This is the sole reason why I started watching the show in the first place. Her character is named Olivia Burke and she’s an actress who just wants to be normal like the rest of us. Super relatable right? Spoiler alert: she does not start singing “This is what Dreams are Made of.”


2)   Fashion

I have always had two fashion senses: classic and polished, and flowing and easy-going. Then I realized, “Oh, this is just like the different styles of Blair and Serena.” Incorporating their looks into your wardrobe is super easy: Blair tends to be simple with pencil or A-line skirts paired with delicate tops, while Serena goes for brighter colors and flowing dresses. They both wore standout outfits when they traveled to Paris (pictured above).


3)   Dan Humphrey

I know Gossip Girl was never meant to be complex, and it probably is just about salacious story telling, but Dan’s character is pretty tricky to understand. I know people tend to favor Nate or Chuck over Dan, and I get it. Nate is cute, nice, and naïve, so you can easily manipulate him (but not to the lengths other girls have done on the show). Then Chuck is the bad boy that turns good for the love of his life. Dan starts out as a caring and witty young man, but the Gossip Girl world he creates turns him into something darker, making him very intriguing.


4)   Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl would be absolutely nothing without Blair Waldorf, or, as Gossip Squirrel would say “Blair Walnut.” At first glance, Blair is the heartless social queen of the Upper East Side. But underneath this facade (again I know I might be looking too far into this), she struggles with finding herself. She shows that even people with strong personalities deal with finding their true selves. To top it all off, she always looks fabulous.



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