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    With the weather finally warming up around Boston, it’s time to pack away those winter coats and boring blacks and greys, and trade them in for some light-hearted spring time fashions. The Her Campus team put together a photo shoot a few weeks back to give a few examples of how you can get those runway looks with items you may have packed away in your closet. And although we are certainly not models (I believe the average Her Campus writer height is 5’2″), our wonderful photographer Justin McCallum helped us loosen up and get in touch with our inner fashion diva.


Light Neutrals – Cream, beige, or camel, if it could be a skin tone then it’s worth purchasing.  When Alexander Wang’s Spring collection came out last winter, the young New York designer exclaimed “Did you notice anything? There’s no black!” and sure enough, the biggest supporter of dark neutrals had traded in his signature black for whites and creams. Although black is always slimming, there’s something about light neutrals that just feels perfectly airy and cool for a hot, sticky summer on the East Coast.

70s trends – Horizontal stripes, retro browns, and flare jeans – 70s style is back for spring. And while we don’t suggest feathering your hair or learning how to disco, there’s nothing wrong with digging out an old pair of bell-bottoms and throwing on some platform shoes. If you want to go the extra mile, try out a pair with a high waist and add a top with a bold pattern. Just be careful, you don’t want to look too much like a character in the Brady Bunch. 

Mixing Prints – Two of the most prominent fashion “man repelling” lines of this Spring were probably Stella McCartney and Prada with their bold fruit patterns and mismatched tops. While the chances of scoring a man (as Leandra Medine of Manrepller.com notoriety explains) in a dress covered in oranges or bananas are slim, your fashion forward girlfriends are sure to understand. Mixing prints, while confusing for the opposite sex, can also be very youthful and fun – a perfect combination for a collegiette.

Color Blocking – Color has always scared me. As someone who is notorious for their neutral color choices, I was a little hesitant about this season’s bright color trend. But after seeing Zara’s mixture of bright solids and J Brands new line of colored twill jeans, I thought I’d give my standard black skinnies and cream top a break. I found the combination of bright solids and neons to be appropriately sarcastic and edgy, as opposed to the feminine sorority look I wanted to avoid. 


With all of these items laying around our own closet, it should be fairly simple to follow some of these trends without purchasing any new items.

Have a wonderful summer, and check back in the fall for new articles!


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