This Spring Break, Break from Social Media

In just 8 days, spring break will finally be upon us. After a long, cold first half of the term, it’s about time we get some rest. Living at school means you’re constantly on, constantly around people and work. Yet, with spring break comes a breather. You’ll finally have time to stretch your arms out without hitting your roommate.

However, spring break has begun not to mean a break from school, but to mean a sunny adventure with ten friends and tons of memories. This is very welcomed and so many great trips are taken every year. Yet, it becomes easy to miss the ‘break’ part of break. People get so consumed with showing everyone on their Snapchat and Instagram that they are having an amazing time, that they forget to enjoy it themselves.

Instead of getting caught up in capturing every moment of whatever spring break plans you might have, actually take a break and enjoy the people and place around you.

Perhaps that means taking some quiet, alone time for yourself to reflect. Or, maybe it means turning off your phone or deleting an app or two. Don’t spend your time posting, spend it being grateful for wherever you might be. Not only will you then stop comparing your break to everyone else’s on social media, but you’ll actually be able to take part in the adventure you’re on.

Some of my favorite trips have come when I’m forced to not be on my phone or when I delete social media for the length of the trip. It can become so consuming to be looking at everyone else’s trips that you forget about your own. Both of these tactics allow you to stop thinking about the rest of the world and enjoy the time you have wherever you are, with friends or with family.

Enjoy your trip or enjoy your stay-cation, but, either way, put the social media away. This spring break, take a break from posting and be present.