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Rob Porter: Another Man down in the White House

All in a week’s time, we got to see a decline of the stock market, the kickoff of the 2018 Olympics, an overnight government shutdown, and unfortunately, another noteworthy tweet from Trump in defense of former White House aid, Rob Porter who has been accused of domestic abuse by not one, but two of his ex-wives of domestic abuse, and he resigned shortly after.

Here’s the tweet:



And if you think that’s bad, just wait. Things get even worse.

For starters, John Kelly–White House Chief of Staff–couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Porter. In a statement he made last Wednesday evening, he said that he was “shocked by the new allegations released today against Rob Porter.” But I’m really not sure what he means by “new” considering both wives had already accused him during the marriages, one with pictures.

Oh yeah, the FBI found out about both allegations during his background check, hence Porter’s lack of full security clearance. That’s a pretty big deal considering his very job was to deal with high clearance info that was to be given to Trump.

This situation brings many issues to light, one of them clearly being that sexual misconduct is highly prevalent and no, it doesn’t stop in Hollywood. What worries me the most is the tweet above…who exactly is our own president rooting for? For what it’s worth, I’m pretty certain that he’s not rooting for us women.


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