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Restaurant Review: Fogo de Chão, A Brazilian Steakhouse

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tufts chapter.

Recently, I visited Fogo de Chão, a popular, Brazilian steakhouse chain with dozens of locations across the United States and in Brazil. I visited the Copley Square location in Boston.


We were seated at a table by a wall, close to the salad bar. Although it was early dinnertime, the place was not too noisy.



Salad Bar ★★★☆☆

Everything was very fresh. I loved the asparagus—it was extra crunchy and delicious. Also, the cantaloupe was very juicy. The salad bar wasn’t big, but there was a nice selection of cheeses, fruits, greens, and meats. I was expecting to eat a lot of meat, so I stuck to veggies and some fruit as a starter. The salad bar is unlimited!

Steak/Other Meats ★★★★☆

This was my first time at Fogo de Chão, and I liked it. There were a variety of meats to choose from, including lamb, chicken, pork, sausages, and beef. The restaurant prepares their meat using the ‘gaucho’ method, roasting the meat over an open fire. This really brings out the flavor of the meat. My personal favorite was the garlic beef, which was juicy and delicious! The meat is also unlimited. 

I would not choose this place over a more ‘traditional’ steakhouse, but I would go again. A complete guide of their menu can be found here

Sides ★★★☆☆

There were mashed potatoes, bread, pickles, fries, and caramelized bananas for sides. I barely ate any because I was so full. I didn’t like the bananas, but some people might like them!


Fogo de Chão has an all-you-can-eat tableside meat service. You flip your coaster to the green side to ask for more, or the red side to take a break. There is a constant stream of servers coming to your table to offer various kinds of meat. After a few minutes on the green side, I had an overwhelming amount of meat on my plate. The servers also refilled water and cleared away dishes promptly. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Overall comments:

 I ate more than I thought I could. The price is steep, but well worth it!